Yes! Not only essays, but also research papers, dissertations and any other kind of assignment you might need. If you are in a hurry, do not waste any more time and order it right now. If you have a little time to spare though, here we will try to give answers to the most common questions asked by potential customers. Ready to learn more?

Who will write my essay if I order it here?

We have a few thousands writers that are located all over the world. Being of different backgrounds and specializations, they nonetheless have a few things in common, such as a high qualification level, English as a native language, vast experience in the custom writing area and readiness to help their customers.

When you place your order, we make sure that only the most appropriate specialist is assigned to work on it. For us, appropriatemeans of the required qualification level (i.e. the one working on high school, college or university papers – depending on what your order is), capable of finishing the paper before the deadline you’ve specified and specializing in the corresponding field of study.

If you have established rapport with a certain writer and want him or her work on your next paper, you can request it by specifying the ID number of your preferred writer in the ordering form.

How fast can you write essay?

The actual speed of fulfillment depends on what type of paper you want to order. Essays take a few days (if it is not an admission essay, of course – if it is, we prefer to take our time and write a paper that will get you enrolled), research papers – up to a week, dissertations might need a couple of weeks.

You can specify the deadline while ordering. If it is not possible to finish as soon, we will notify you straight away and thus save you from unpleasant surprises. It is strongly recommended to order as soon as you get the assignment to avoid urgency charges.

What language standard will you use to write my essay for me?

As we have already said, our writers are native English speakers. They can write a paper for you adhering to the New Zealand or American standard. Yet since not all our customers are native speakers themselves, we have an auxiliary pool of writers who are of non-English language background, too. Why do we need them? Because if a person with average knowledge of English will submit a perfectly written paper, it will raise suspicions on the part of his or her professor. To avoid such suspicions, choose ‘Not a native speaker’ in the ‘Language Standard’ field of the ordering form.

How much will it cost to do my essay?

Prices vary for different types of orders and are calculated on an individual basis. However, you can always count on affordable pricing. Our margin of profit is very small and that’s why almost all that you pay for a certain paper is used to remunerate the writer. We physically cannot provide the same level of quality at a lower price.

There are discounts that make it more beneficial for you. You can always use a first-order discount and even earn some credits for bringing friends to use our service. All in all, we are in a medium price tier, which means you will never be overcharged. Besides, there are no hidden charges – the cost you pay after submitting the ordering form is the final one.

Why should I choose you to do my essay?

Because we are one of the most respectable and popular essay writing service New Zealand in this field! We have the following reasons to be proud:

  1. Our papers are always original and will never cause you any plagiarism troubles. We double check each paper before submission.
  2. Your deadline is respected in 100% of cases. Even if you need your paper VERY soon.
  3. Our customers enjoy 24/7 support via phone or online chat.
  4. You can request a free revision if you are not satisfied with your paper.

Give it a try and you will see.

Okay, you’ve persuaded me. I want you to write essay for me

Excellent choice! You won’t be disappointed. To place an order and get a perfect paper:

  1. Fill in and submit the ordering form. It will take you around two and a half minutes.
  2. Pay for your paper – you can use the most convenient system to do it.
  3. Have your paper written, quality checked and delivered to your inbox folder.

You can try to do everything by yourself OR rely on our professional writers to deal with your papers and thus have tons of time released. Which will be your choice? Protection Status