Descriptive Essays

  1. What the term literature means to me
  2. The characteristics of a good leader
  3. The appeal of rock music
  4. How does bipolar disorder manifest in a patient?
  5. An analysis of the Last Supper by Michelangelo
  6. What makes a good parent in the 21st Century
  7. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are the perfect example of the meaning of “do not judge a book by its cover. Describe
  8. Describe music to a deaf person
  9. Why do we attribute animal characteristics to people?
  10. The best place I have visited in the US is …..

Narrative Essays

  1. Why I take an active role in fighting for women’s rights
  2. Why I chose to learn Mandarin Chinese
  3. My first day on the helpline of a crisis center
  4. Today I attended my first funeral
  5. The hardest thing I have ever had to do
  6. My career goals and how I am preparing for them
  7. The day I stopped believing in Santa Claus
  8. Living with OCD
  9. I work out for at least 30 minutes every day: this is why
  10. I believe in love at first sight

Process Analysis Essays

  1. How are robots used in car manufacture?
  2. How to make a pizza at home
  3. How to write a case study
  4. How do social problems become policy problems?
  5. The timeline of a volcanic eruption
  6. Food to fat: the metabolic process.
  7. Democracy in action. How was the will of the people demonstrated so significantly in the USA (Trump) and UK (Brexit) in 2016?
  8. What is the process for self-publishing an e-book?
  9. The process of finding the perfect roommate
  10. How does the human eye work?

Exemplification Essays

  1. The Digital Revolution is not as world-changing as the Industrial Revolution
  2. Terrorism is a fact of 21st century life
  3. Anti-heroes teach us better life lessons than heroes
  4. Racism is caused as much by xenophobia as it is by skin color prejudice
  5. The need for protective headgear in sports
  6. Welfare is a vicious cycle from which it is hard to escape
  7. Congestion and air pollution is related to the growing increase in private car ownership
  8. Theories sci-fi such as warp speed and time travel will remain fiction forever
  9. Euthanasia: People have the right to die
  10. Changing ecosystems can eventually lead to species extinction

Comparison and Contrast Essays

  1. What is the difference between anorexia and bulimia?
  2. “My cup is half full” vs “My cup is half empty”
  3. Yogurt v Kefir. Which is better for health and nutrition?
  4. Choose five different types of tea and explain their specific characteristics
  5. The Winter Olympics vs The Summer Olympics
  6. Collecting vs Hoarding
  7. Star Wars vs Harry Potter
  8. What are the benefits of living in dorms compared to living off campus?
  9. Japanese food vs Chinese food. What are the main differences?
  10. Explain the difference between a monologue and soliloquy with examples of both from Shakespeare’s plays.

Analogy Essays

  1. Life is like a box of chocolates
  2. Behind every successful man is a successful woman
  3. The experience of grief
  4. Television is candy for the mind
  5. Being an adolescent is like being the least important person in the room
  6. Analogies in George Orwell’s Animal Farm
  7. Symbols of love
  8. Books are not dying
  9. Explain the meaning of “he could sell snow to Eskimos” and “that’s like taking coals to Newcastle”
  10. There’s no success like failure

Classification Essays

  1. Best ways to use social media when you are a student
  2. How US citizens can reduce their energy use
  3. Characteristics of the main social media tribes
  4. The off-campus accommodation options for a student on a strict budget
  5. The range of devices with which you can access the internet
  6. The characteristics of the Millennial generation
  7. The legal classification of men and women
  8. What are the main classifications countries are defined by?
  9. Should cheerleading be classified as a sport?
  10. Social classes in the USA. Myths and realities

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Cause and Effect Essays

  1. The selfie culture promotes negativity rather than celebrates the body positive image.
  2. The reduction in religious conviction makes divorce too easy.
  3. The physiological effects of insomnia
  4. Homeschooling produces a less-socially aware student
  5. The chemistry of water table pollution
  6. Russian’s Foreign Policy post-Cold War
  7. It is illiteracy that holds back the Developing World
  8. A sedentary lifestyle is a health risk
  9. Is it wise to skip classes at school?
  10. Does alcohol advertising cause social issues?

Definition Essays

  1. Define modesty and its place in the modern world
  2. What is gravity?
  3. The Meaning of Life: Is it 42?
  4. Describe asset stripping in the context of a company takeover
  5. Write an essay that defines humor
  6. What is organizational theory?
  7. Explain light refraction using the example of a glass prism
  8. The measures of success
  9. Modern Evils: Identify five and explain how they fit the definition
  10. The Big Bang Theory (not the TV series)

Argument and Persuasion Essays

  1. Donald Trump’s election victory was a direct result of President Obama’s policies
  2. Modern technology means traditional skills will disappear altogether in time
  3. The judicial system is not fair. Rapists receive more lenient sentences than drunk drivers
  4. More Americans should have passports and visit other countries
  5. Terrorism destroys the tourist industry
  6. Professional sportsmen are paid too much
  7. Americans do not recycle enough
  8. The Environment is at even greater risk if the USA pulls out of global agreements on climate management
  9. The Western World was healthier when it ate to the seasons rather than having every food available, all the time.
  10. More people should be encouraged to carry organ donation cards

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