An outline is the skeleton of your essay or assignment. It makes easier for the writer to arrange his ideas and thoughts in a logical order. This actually is how you want the paper to look like. No one else can do this better than you. It is your paper and you may approach it in a unique manner. You may want to keep a curiosity until the end or move in a chronological order. Therefore, it totally depends upon you how you arrange your data.


An outline helps you reduce your efforts by almost 50%. When you have the basic structure of your research paper, you can easily expand it into words and sentences. The outline will help you in moving an order and you will not miss anything out in your paper. You can always double-check all the data you need to enter in your research paper by looking at the outline. When you have the outline for your paper, it becomes relatively easy to finish your paper on time and even research for specific areas.

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If you are supposed to create an outline for your research paper then you should begin by carrying out all the research that you need for your paper. Enter the title of your research paper on top. After that, write your thesis statement. When this is done, you need to include your major arguments and indicate them in roman numbering. The supporting argument can be represented by capital alphabets like A, B, C etc

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The first Roman numeral should be the introduction of your paper. This is where you show what your paper aims at. This is going to be telling your reader how successful you were in proving your point in the rest of your paper.

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The last Roman numeral should be the conclusion of your paper, where you summarize your complete research. If you want to write a good outline for your research paper, you should have all the data with you before you begin the outline. If you have to include something else in your paper in the later phase, it will get difficult to accommodate it in your paper. You will have to write the whole outline again to make sure the numbers and alphabets are in correct order.

Here is how your outline should look like

  • Title of your research paper
  • Thesis statement of your research paper
  • Introduction
  • Thesis
  • Major arguments ( at least three)
  • Supporting arguments (represented by A, B, C…)
  • The effect and causes
  • Significance of the paper
  • Persuasive argument for your topic
  • Conclusion

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