How To Come Up With Good Topics For Research Papers: Effective Tips

Choosing a good topic will make writing a research paper an easy and pleasant task. However, it may be difficult to come up with an original idea. If you struggle with this, use the following tips:

  • Always choose the topics based on the material you’ve already covered in class.

This will reduce the range number of your options making it easier to pick one. It may seem that writing about something completely new will draw more interest from the readers, but you need to consider how much time you actually have to complete this assignment. Researching a topic from a scratch will take a great deal of effort. This will also increase the chance of you making a mistake due to not understanding the issue completely.

  • Pick the topics that are of personal interest to you.

This will help you stay motivated while writing. It is also easier to choose a topic when you focus on thinking about the things you genuinely enjoy and how they can be related to the subject at hand.

Make sure that the topic you choose is broad enough to fill the paper of the assigned size, and narrow enough for you to cover it thoroughly.

  • Brainstorm the ideas with your friends.

A study session with your classmates where you exchange ideas is one of the most efficient ways to come up with an interesting topic. This type of activity will allow you to see the issues you discuss from different angles, which can inspire you.

  • Study various professional publications or popular periodicals.

You need to stay informed about the latest changes and developments in your field of study, as it is always best to write about the topics that are relevant at the moment. This will make the readers take your paper more seriously, especially if you present the issue from a unique point of view and offer some solid evidence.

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Criminal Research Paper Topic Examples

In case nothing seems to help, look at the following list of prompts. Perhaps one of them will inspire you:

  1. When does art stop being art?
  2. The role of bridges in American infrastructure.
  3. Should the companies that open production facilities in some underdeveloped countries pay their employees more?
  4. How are child soldiers born?
  5. Should the Internet be censored?
  6. Are civil unions more stable than marriages?
  7. Methods of improving mine safety in the U.S.
  8. Efficient strategies to combat the recent climate changes.
  9. Are feminists still needed in the U.S.?
  10. Benefits of using fitness as a form of team-building activity.

Social Justice Issues

  1. Race
  2. Race and crime: Problematic issues
  3. Social institutions and criminal justice
  4. Gender
  5. Mental or Physical Ability
  6. Social engineering and criminal justice
  7. Employment and crime: Key characteristics
  8. Religion
  9. Social Changes in the USA: Problematic issues
  10. Education Laws
  11. Drunk drivers and the form of punishment
  12. Criminal justice, sociology & psychology
  13. Gun control problem in the USA
  14. Policing Laws
  15. New Prisons: Are they a must in the USA?
  16. How to help abused children
  17. Voting Laws
  18. Racism in Today’s US Society
  19. Nationality
  20. Environmental Laws
  21. Parental abduction laws
  22. Age
  23. Sexual Orientation
  24. Rehabilitation and moralities
  25. Labor Laws
  26. Health Care Laws
  27. Mass incarceration and social control
  28. Education

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Crime Theory & Victimization Research Paper Topics

  1. Correlations between crime and ethnicity
  2. Mental Illness and Crime.
  3. Victimization.
  4. Gender and Crime.
  5. Race and Crime.
  6. Intelligence and Crime.
  7. Neighborhoods and Crime.
  8. Immigration and Crime.
  9. Religion and Crime.
  10. Social Class and Crime.
  11. Criminal Law Topics
  12. Environmental and Wildlife crimes
  13. How competent is the international criminal court?
  14. Jailhouse informants.
  15. Fake I.D. and under-age drinking amongst students
  16. Felony defense.
  17. Battered woman syndrome.
  18. Driving to suicide. From bullying to psychological tortures
  19. Stalking.
  20. International criminal law
  21. Socioeconomic offenses.
  22. Intellectual property law/copyright law. .
  23. How does cyberlaw contribute to the overall security of the state?
  24. Why the same crime has such a wide range of punishments?
  25. Religious Laws and Religious Crimes in developing and developed countries
  26. Classical Criminology and its theories. Shall they be reviewed now?
  27. Field work of the criminologists: from the beginning to the modern world

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Controversial Topics

  1. Rape culture and the victim’s rights.
  2. Police shootings
  3. Living vegan: is it good for health?
  4. Can someone invent a new religion just for personal purposes?
  5. Pornography as a form of sexual violence.
  6. Do churches become business now?
  7. Prison rape and violence
  8. Plea agreement/bargain
  9. Child transitioning: shall it be allowed?
  10. Shall national cultures be preserved in the age of globalization?
  11. Carrying a concealed weapon.
  12. False accusation
  13. The ethics of surrogate motherhood
  14. Enforcement and effectiveness of stalking laws
  15. Teenage marriages: are there cases when they are justified?
  16. Can euthanasia count as palliative treatment?
  17. Restorative justice for offenders: How effective is restorative justice?
  18. Prisoners being granted the right to work.
  19. A controversy surrounding the legalization of prostitution
  20. Research on the presence of racism in the current justice system

Other Criminal Justice Topics

  1. Is there a relationship between social class and crime?
  2. Has information sharing technology improved in crime against terrorism?
  3. Should all employers run a background criminal check on all new employees?
  4. Are delinquency cases higher in immigrant childrens?
  5. What problems have cropped up in prisons crowding?
  6. Date rape and what can be done to avoid?
  7. Divorce and the law of personal property.
  8. Discuss the deterrence and rational choice theory.
  9. Legal age for drinking alcohol.
  10. What is the relationship between mental illness and crime?
  11. How is jury selection done?
  12. Is community policing an effective program against home grown crimes?
  13. What is the motivation behind hate crimes?
  14. Cyberbullying and cyberstalking how can we ensure children are safe from this?
  15. Discuss Witness Protection Programme.
  16. DNA Evidence: How criminal procedure has changed.
  17. Do most arrests of youth test positive for drug use?
  18. Marijuana: Legalizing marijuana.
  19. Gay and lesbian marriage: A story in progress.
  20. What is the impact of white collar crimes in the society?
  21. US prison population: Why is it one of the highest in the world? Do we ove
  22. Constitutional safeguards for the Fifth Amendment.
  23. Discuss the strain theory.
  24. Roe. Vs. Wade- The case that settled the prolife & prochoice debate.
  25. Should high schools and colleges develop a school based drug testing?
  26. Racial profiling: Is there personal bias behind racial profiling?
  27. What is your government doing to help protect children from online predators?
  28. Defense on grounds of insanity: How the US criminal system deals with it.
  29. What does plea bargaining offer to juvenile delinquents?
  30. Confession scenarios.
  31. DNA Testing and Offender Profiling.
  32. Criminal Procedures.
  33. Child labor.
  34. What is the relationship between aggression and crime?
  35. Parental Abduction: What happens when a parent takes a child across borders?
  36. Contract law.
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