1. Special classes with students who have disabilities.
  2. Paperwork vs. printing on computers.
  3. Smoking in public places consequences.
  4. Parents who pay twice: is education worth of it?
  5. Unborn victims of violence.
  6. Programs aimed to clone humans.
  7. Search for the main factors thanks to which relative equality has been achieved.
  8. NOW, National Organization for Women – any related topic.
  9. Global warming causes and effects in the closest future.
  10. Finding time to dedicate to charity.
  11. Changes in required standardized tests.
  12. How to protect abortion doctors and pregnant women.
  13. University education guarantees brilliant career.
  14. Government contribution to the public wealth.
  15. Discrimination in education.
  16. Women role in international politics has grown significantly.
  17. Search for what local control of education is about.
  18. The time a human being requires to reach the closest planets.
  19. Search for scientific evidence of abortion.
  20. Reverse discrimination.

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